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Auf welche Anime Neuheiten/Staffeln freut ihr euch?

TZ Zero

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Ein paar Animes uber die ich erste neulich erfahren habe.. hoeren / sehen interessant aus :D

-Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu


Genre: Action / Fantasy


It was revealed at AnimeJapan 2016 that the online collectible card game Touken Ranbu will be receiving a TV anime adaptation in 2017 by animation studio ufotable.

-Sakurada Reset


Genre: Mystery / Super Power / Supernatural / School


Nearly half the population of Sakurada, a small town near the Pacific Ocean, has some sort of unique power. These powers range from being able to enter the mind of a cat, to resetting the world back to a certain point in time in the past. There is a group known as the "Kanrikyoku" that controls and monitors the use of these powers. Asai Kei and Haruki Misora work for their school's club called "Houshi" club, which execute any missions received from the Kanrikyoku. Misora has the ability to reset the world 3 days. This means that all events and any memory of the past 3 days that "could have" happened, never happened. Kei has the ability to "remember" the past. Even after Misora uses her powers to reset the world back 3 days, Kei will retain those 3 days in his memory. Combining their powers, these two solve missions issued by the Kanrikyoku.

-Renai Boukun


Genre: Comedy / Romance / School / Supernatural


A Kiss Note is a powerful notebook that makes anyone who has their name written together will instantly fall in love if they kiss each other regardless of any circumstances. This magical and very familiar item belongs to an angel named Guri whose job as cupid is to create couples. However, she accidentally writes down Aino Seiji, a regular high school student, and unless he kisses someone, Guri will die. She convinces Seiji to go kiss his crush, Hiyama Akane, the school's popular girl who turns out has even stronger feelings for him, bordering on obsessive and psychotic. Eventually Akane and Seiji come together but not before Guri decides that she likes Seiji as well. What seems awesome to most guys becomes hell for Seiji who just wants a normal relationship with girls.

-Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho


Genre: Action / Fantasy


Year 526 of the Liturgical Calendar.
The world knew that witches existed, and that they practiced the notorious art of sorcery.
Nevertheless, the world did not know anything about the study of magic.

Our story follows a half-man, half-beast mercenary; humans mockingly call his kind the “fallen beasts”.
He always dreamt of becoming a human, but one day, he met a witch who would change his life forever.

“Do you desire a human form? Then be my escort, mercenary!”

The witch introduced herself as “Zero”, and explained that she was searching for a one-of-a-kind magical tome that bandits had stolen from her lair. Entitled “The Book of Zero”, the grimoire supposedly contained valuable magical knowledge that could be used to effortlessly bring the world to its knees.

Thus, in order to realize his dream of becoming a human, the mercenary must accompany Zero on her journey—despite her being one of the witches he so loathed.

This is the story of a haughty sorceress and a kindhearted beast.


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In zwei Monaten erscheint das erste Volume der Serie »Toradora!« mit deutscher und japanischer Synchronisation bei AniMoon Publishing auf DVD und Blu-ray. Mittlerweile sind weitere Infos zum bevorstehenden Release bekannt. 26. Mai 2017 /Das wird echt gut. Fanboy :x

Toradora Weitere Infos


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Alle fünf Volumes der Serie werden im Steelbook mit jeweils fünf Episoden erscheinen. Dem ersten Volume, das am 26. Mai 2017 erscheint, wird ein hochwertiger Hartkarton-Sammelschuber und ein Plüschtiger beiliegen. Die unverbindliche Preisempfehlung liegt hier bei 49,99 Euro. Die weiteren Volumes, die im Monatsrhythmus erscheinen, werden weniger kosten, wobei der Preis hier noch nicht feststeht.
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Naja.... in dieser Season auf 

Boruto , Attack on Titan 2, Boku no Hero Academia, Dungeon ni...

Bei den Movies:

 Fairy Tail Dragon Cry, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Und in der Summer Season auf:

Fate/Apocrypha & New Game 2

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da BlackPhönix recht hat fange ich einfach mal an:

Auch wenn einige die Sword Art Online gesehen haben und der anderen meinung sind als ich, bin ich immer noch auf die 4. Staffel gespannt. zur selben zeit hoffe ich auch, das schon bald die letzten folgen von Steins Gate Zero auf deutsch rauskommen. Dasselbe gilt auch für die 3. Staffel von Date a Live.

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